When it comes to selecting your equipment, our sales force comes up with a solution. No boxes, just benefits.

Cold Point
Cold Point


Once your need has been assessed, our design team gets down to plan the right positioning of the air conditioning system for best effect, provides you with a basis of design and an irresistible commercial offer.


Our project team moves in to have your system installed, tested and commissioned, right to the point of acquainting you with the finer details of how to derive the best from the equipment.

Cold Point


As your air conditioners keep you in cool comfort, our service technicians, operating through seven zones covering the city and its suburbs, work through the day, and even through the night, to keep them up and running, with the assistance of a mobile unit that brings service to your door.

Central service station

And in the rare case of having to render major breakdown service, the central service centre handles it all and, to ensure there are no repeats, puts every single repaired unit on a test bed, running it through a host of parameters, before return.

Call centre

The Cold Point call centre is always hot on the job. Each complaint is recorded, followed up with the zone, and finally closed only after obtaining a confirmation of satisfactory service from the customer.


Every little detail of your air conditioning equipment is tracked by customised software to ensure faultless service.

Customer care – AMCs

When your equipment is nearing the end of its warranty or your existing maintenance contract is about to expire, you can expect a call from our customer relations executive, reminding you of the need to enter into or renew your contract. To keep you free from worries of breakdowns.


Nothing qualifies an organisation better than quality and Cold Point recognized this truth early. An ISO 9001:2008 certification drives systems and reporting structures, to ensure operational efficiency within the organisation. Backed by 200 and more technicians and support staff, dedicated to delivering nothing but the best.