Quality Policy

COLD POINT PVT. LTD.,., is committed to conducting its business of providing Solutions, Maintenance and Service of air-conditioners with the involvement of all skilled Employees, every time, to its Customers.

COLD POINT PVT. LTD.,., is further committed to complying with all the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements related to its QMS. The pursuit of Operational Excellence will remain as the key fundamental to our long term business strategy, through constant enhancement of QMS performance indicators, on a continual endeavour.

Our QMS will focus on;

  • Increase our share of business through improved penetration of the market in the territory we operate, by constantly striving in exceeding the customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Develop the Competence of all Employees in the areas of Quality & Operational Excellence, through Training, Career Development, and Self-Learning Techniques.
  • Imbibe the Quality Culture into the Business Processes, through Employee Engagement and effective Corporate Communications.

  • Penetrate and constantly use and upgrade Technology.

The strategy we adopt;;

  • Make commitments, we fully understand and believe we can meet.

  • Apply lessons learned from past performances and implement these measures during job planning, preparation and execution in the future.

  • Establish metrics, then monitor and analyze results on an on-going basis, to verify and validate our processes and performance, and make improvements as required.

  • Set goals for continual improvement based on measured results.