Company Profile

Cold Point began its journey into the HVAC field in Chennai in 1986, as a sales and service dealer,soon earning a name for itself as a forerunner in the market. The next decade and a half was a period of consolidation with brisk sales, building a strong service establishment, resulting in a huge base of clients, pampered with service and loyal to Cold Point.

With the turn of the millennium Cold Point added strong international brands to its product portfolio. With more and more customers under the service umbrella, seven zones were created, each an independently operating centre. Customized software for prompt and efficient service, sophisticated measuring instruments and weekly training programs for its technicians set quality benchmarks in the industry.

Cold Point

Cold Point provides end to end solutions to every class of customer. Design, right choice of equipment, proper installation and commissioning, warranty and post warranty service in a systematic manner have helped retain customers for over 25 years and be a natural choice for influencers like architects and builders.

Cold Point acquired an ISO certification as early as in 2002. Its current 9001:2008 quality certification enables it to set internal goals and evolve systems to achieve those objectives.